Free Introductory Course:

Demonstration of Student Portal

This FREE course is designed for those who want to take a peek inside our DoulaVersity training while learning a thing or two in the process! 

There is NO certification, as this is just a demonstration to give you a feel for what our programs look like when logged in. 

Our promise to you:  Your email and contact information is safe with us.  We will not contact you to pressure you into joining us!  We promise not to sell or give away your contact information through this site or any other parties.  

Please respect our intellectual property:  The content, pictures, and videos have been created or purchased by DoulaVersity.  Students (you) are NOT allowed to use the copy and paste functions or download graphics.  If the system flags a student for copying, pasting, or downloading pictures or graphics, the student will be removed and further (legal) action may be taken.    

We hope you enjoy getting to know how our student platform works, while you decide if becoming a DoulaVersity certified doula is the right pathway for you!